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Hello friends,
Greetings from Armenia. Last year we were here for only two weeks and mostly to store the Land Cruiser for a long winter. After three months in India (motorcycle trip), three in Nepal (hike), and two in the Netherlands, it felt incredibly good to be reunited with our home on wheels again.

At 3Gs camping it had been stored under roof together with many other overland vehicles. More travelers were arriving to pick up their vehicle, others to store it for summer, and so the campsite was a joyful place with kindred spirits.

To Georgia (the country)

Meanwhile friends of ours were in Georgia and messages went back and forth to see if we could meet. We said goodbye to Armenia, drove to Georgia where we shared a wonderful off-road adventure with Nico & Joska with some serious challenges of rock hobbling where delicate steering (under necessary coaching) was required.

In team spirit we conquered the obstacles, drank great espresso from our Caffe2go machine, followed by beer and wine in the evenings.

Some interesting links in this respect:

  • We love our espresso machine, to be charged over usb. Overlanders we serve this coffee now want one too :-)
  • It was thanks to Oun Travela’s newest book for overlanders: Explore Georgia with 24 ultimate off-road journeys, that we explored two awesome routes. We love this book.
  • Nico and Joska shared a blog post on our trip together with some fabulous photos.


Meanwhile, lots of other things have been happening: book 1, book 3 and 2 e-books… We have been busy!

Book #1 in English

At last it appears to be really happening. The publication of our first book in English! We are still working on:
  • The title. We have shared ideas on our social platforms, check them out and feel free to chime in. The book is about our big step of swapping the rat race for our life on the road and the 3,5 years to Southeast Asia.
  • To finance this project, we’ll start a Kickstart. Plans for now: Kickstarter early 2024 and, if successful, publication May 2024.

Book #3 in Dutch

  • The flow is definitely happening in Dutch and book 3 is getting there. We are planning the crowdfunding for late November / early December. Only through crowdfunding will be we able to finance such a big project, so we hope you will be a part of yet another adventure of ours.
  • Stay up to date on what’s happening with the publications of our books in Dutch via this newsletter.
  • Want to chime in on the cover and title? Check out our Facebook / Instagram accounts.


We published our first two ebooks in Dutch.
An image of...
An image of...

To Armenia

Do we have time to travel at all? Sure. Currently we are moving our way south in Armenia, getting a feel for the country but, more importantly, do food drops.

In a week or so we will start hiking the Trans Caucasian Trail, which eventually will connect Georgia, Armenia and Azerbeijan and be some 2000 kilometers long. It’s a work in process but the 850 Ks in Armenia have largely been marked.
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So that’s how we will properly explore this country which is amazingly rich in history (did you know Armenia was the first that embraced Christianity as a nation?), with lots of churches and monasteries. We are looking forward to seeing the remotest corners and camp in spots where even 4x4s can’t go.


For our hike in Armenia I am still looking for some good reading material (ebooks). I do have the general history-outlining books about the Caucasus and Armenia, but I’m looking for novels / historic sagas that will give us insight into this country. Thus far my online searches haven’t been helpful.

Any tips? Please hit the reply button and let me know. Thanks!

Coffee addicts we are...

Armenia has its own set of rules when it comes to coffee. And, of course, we are keen to find out how things work in this country. For the coming 850 kilometers (2 months hiking) we mostly rely on our stash of sticks of instant coffee.

We are confident there will be plenty of opportunities to stray from the path and venture off into the blissfully cold, airconditioned local tea and coffee rooms to indulge in the ultra dark Armenian coffee that traditionally are served with some sweets on the side.

It will be cheaper than a flashy coffee joint in Europe or somewhere Stateside, but still its coins they want. Care to chip in for our treats?

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What’s next?

Mamit, Mizoram, India (©Coen Wubbels)
We’ll be on the Armenian sections of the TCT (Transcaucasian Trail) for the coming 850 kilometers.

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