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Hello friends,
It’s hard to believe six months have passed since we sent our out last newsletter, so time for an update.
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Speaking about time... Thank you Helmwatches for updating our time.

Hiking the Lycian Way

We told you about our plans to hike the 500K-long Lycian Way in Turkey last winter, and we set off late December. The weather alternated between gorgeous summer days and heavy downpours. The region is rich in historical sites, particularly with intriguing tombs from the Lycians (Wikipedia) and the trail traverses a super touristy region with gorgeous coastal landscapes. However, the latter meant that we didn't encounter the hospitality that characterizes Turkey elsewhere, which is the one downside of this trail.

The hike was a joy for as long as it lasted.

Unfortunately the hike ended halfway, when I (Karin-Marijke) slipped on an icy patch of snow, fell on my back, slid downhill at least 100 meters, screaming while trying to get hold of a tree or plant and, after what seemed an eternity but which was just seconds, hit a wide bush that stopped my slide. A broken hand and severely bruised arm were the result, and we considered ourselves incredibly lucky having ended up with just that.
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We scrambled farther downhill and once we hit a mountain track, we hiked 15K out of the mountains and to the first town and hospital.

There was no reason to stay in Turkey and so we flew to the Netherlands, five weeks earlier than planned.

Book #2: OMWEGEN

Meanwhile, our second book was being printed. Again in Dutch: OMWEGEN - Naar het Einde van de Wereld. It details our first 3,5 years in South America and includes the traumatic experience of the Land Cruiser restoration in Bolivia.

In time, we’ll get it published in English.

Obviously, it was a great joy to hold the first copy of this book in our hands. OMWEGEN has been another great team effort with my mother, my editor as always. Mammie, thank you so much for all the love and effort poured in yet another big project!

Great reviews are coming in, you can read some of them on our website. Both books can be ordered through our website, and are for sale in the bookstores in the Netherlands and Belgium (or can be ordered there).
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When will book #3 be published (or book #1 in English)? is a question we get. Well, since we never know what we are going to do, we don’t know this either. A lot will depend on borders being (remaining) open and to what extend we can travel or have to stay put.

If you like to stay up to date about our book publications, or special offers, feel free to sign up for our newsletter (Dutch only for now) dedicated to our book projects only.

Travel the Planet Overland

Travel the Planet Overland

Talking about books, let’s take a moment to give a shout out to A2A Expedition. Graeme and Luise Bell just published their second edition of their Travel the Planet Overland book.
We just received a copy – it contains lots of gorgeous photographs and many pages covering a wide range of practical topics that will help (new) overlanders to hit the road, peppered with the typical Bell-family humor. Questions about hitting the road? In this book you'll find all the answers!

Family & Friends

In the Netherlanders we gave a couple of presentations about our journey and books. Thank you Yamina for hosting us in your beautiful home in Zeeland, and thank you Tembo Travel in Leuth (travel-car builders), for having us and a great bunch of fellow overlanders in your workshop.

The time planned in the Netherlands was longer to begin with for the simple reason that the borders that we needed to be open, remained closed. We enjoyed our time with family and friends and it was for the first time in 19 years that we could join Coen’s family reunion (with 60 family members this year), which was particularly special. It was just wonderful to see you all again!
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While we had an ‘eternity’ of time in the Netherlands, as usual I had been too ambitious in my plans to visit more people than we could actually do. Which, you might argue, says something about how rich we are in having so many beautiful friends :-)

If we didn’t see you this year, we hope to see you next year!
Sidenote: No, we don’t get paid by promoting anybody’s book, website, organization or otherwise. We just feel the compassion these people have for overland travel and we want to share the good vibes!

The Overland Reunion

At least we got to see many overlanding friends during our annual Overland Reunion. Contrasting as it may sound, it was, in fact, a great joy to learn how many couldn’t make it. They were back on the road, particularly enjoying the freedom of the road in Europe.
With some seventy or eighty kindred spirits we had a fantastic weekend in the woods. Thank you all for coming and sharing your stories! The weather gods did what they have done during ALL our overland reunions: shining their sunny rays on us. So a thank you to the weather gods as well! :-)

Our latest blogposts

Books on Overland Adventures

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What’s next?

Ah, always that question!

We are back in Central Asia. There are still uncertainties about some of the borders. It is certain Turkmenistan stays closed for the time being and Russia still has its (land) borders closed. Tajikistan has problems in the Pamir region and doesn’t issue the permit required to travel there, but the western part of the country is open to visitors.
Land borders between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are open and we are now enjoying the best Kazakhstan has to offer.
More about our journey soon on our website, which I do plan to update more regularly now that we are back on the road.

Have a great summer, enjoy, enjoy. Times are troubling in many ways, so make the best of the freedom you have!

Karin-Marijke & Coen
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