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This is our first newsletter of the year. We hope you are enjoying (or planning) some great adventures, big or small, nearby or faraway, as well.

In our last newsletter we told you about our plan to motorcycle around Northeastern India. That’s exactly what we did. On a Royal Enfield 500, lent to us by our friend Krishnajan in Guwahati. How kind is that? We had a fantastic trip through the Seven Sisters, as the region is known. We underestimated the distances and ended up driving a dazzling 8,000 kilometers in 90 days.
Meghalaya Road trip, Nonkrek National Park India (©Coen Wubbels)
The region is divers with the states of Assam and Tripura on the plains; Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh being mountainous and Meghalaya consisting of hills. Some states are largely Christian, others a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism, or you come across a combination of international and local religions.

The Northeast is a region of once-powerful kingdoms (until the British took over) and pride of those days is part of their stories. We visited historic and cultural sites, and drove through mind blowing landscapes. People have been kind throughout and we’ve had the pleasure of staying with a number of them. All in all, this journey has been among our best road trips.

Below you will find our latest blog posts on India, and a few more will follow.

We greet you from Kathmandu!

While the Land Cruiser is dry and covered at 3Gs Camping in Armenia, we are spending the next three months in Nepal. The plan is to hike but in order to do so, bureaucratic hurdles need to be battled. This is a country of god knows how many permits and mandatory porters and/or guides but no central place to organize it all.
After all those easy-to-acces trails in South Korea, Jordan, Israel and Turkey, we’re not sure yet what to think of all this. We have a few weeks of booked accommodations in Kathmandu and Pokhara to work and get organized – and to get ourselves in shape! – before we will hit the mountains.

Far Xplorer

Some people take a different approach to travel in Nepal – they let others take care of the red tape and everything else. Meet Christophe Noel who, in his then-role as editor, worked with us at Expedition Portal and Overland Journal, two magazines we are proud of to have been working with for almost a decade.

A couple of years back Christophe was ready for a new challenge and found his own way of life on the road. Having fallen in love with Nepal, he and his wife Deane organize motorcycle tours to the remotest parts of Nepal. The photos they share on Instagram/Facebook are stunning. Besides bike tours they do 4x4 trips and trekkings as well.

© Photo: Christophe Noel

Christophe and his team combine the fun with doing good. As such they have projects to bring water-purification systems to rural areas, they supplied rice to those in need during covid, and they have set up a medical service project. Read about it here.

Anyway, all this to say that if you are in for a unique adventure, check out:

Explore Georgia

After Explore Kyrgyzstan and Explore Ladakh, Oun Travela published their third book dedicated to 4x4, motorbike and bicycle aficionados: Explore Georgia, the best off-road routes.

© Photo: OunTravela

We explored Georgia for a month (and will return this summer) and can say from our hearts that this is a fabulous country with great (off-road) adventures as well as plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, esp. if you love churches, monasteries and fortresses.

Amazon Canoe Challenge

© Photo: Amazon Canoe Challenge

An canoe adventure event that crosses over 250 kms through the remote Amazon Highlands in Peru by traditional Pitotsi canoe. Set camp alongside Asháninka communities on the river’s edge and learn about the hidden treasures of this region under threat. This is an adventure like no other, designed to push you to your limits. The event raises awareness for the challenges that the indigenous Ashaninka communities in Peru face, as well as for the regional environmental threats.

Overland Journal

© Photo: Overland Journal

Check out the Overland Journal Gear issue 2023 for our latest contribution about incredibly beautiful Uzbekistan.

Coffee addicts we are...

Being in India and Nepal has us struggle to find a decent cup of coffee. We carry Nescafé and a small Chinese mug heater, but that obviously doesn't do the job if you are an addict. So we have switched to the famous Indian chai – milk tea – for the time being. Occasionally we do come across fabulously expensive hotels and coffee joints, but the number of coins needed for the black fix are outrages. Wanna help?

VaNLife Magazine

© Photo: VaNLife Magazine

For Dutch readers: VaNlife Magazine is een tijdschrift voor en door de Nederlandse camperaar. In de voorjaarsuitgave besteden ze uitgebreid aandacht aan Landcruising Adventure dat in mei precies 20 jaar onderweg zal zijn!

Overland Reunion

It’s that time of year again, our Overland Reunion has a date. A weekend in the woods with like-minded world travelers. No agenda, no workshops, but simply a fantastic weekend of camping, sharing stories with coffee, wine and a barbecue.

Our latest blogposts

Taking the Royal Enfield across Manipur (India)

Manipur Road Trip, India (©Coen Wubbels)
Our three-month motorcycle road trip through the Seven-sister states of India started in Assam. After our journey through Meghalaya, Tripura, and Mizoram we arrived in state #5. Our Manipur road trip is the shortest in the Northeast and simply requires us to return, one day. It’s winter, women are wearing woolen sweaters over their saris and many people have wrapped a warm …

How to Find a Shipping Schedule to Ship your Overland Vehicle

How to Find a Shipping Schedule to Ship your Overland Vehicle
How/where to find shipping schedules & routes + a couple of tips on the subject.

Overland Reunion – How Do I Sign Up?

Overland Reunion – How Do I Sign Up?
The yearly Overland Reunion, what's it all about and where do you sign up? Find all information and sign-up form here.

Taking the Enfield across Mizoram (India)

Mizoram tour by Royal Enfield, India (©Coen Wubbels)
Our three-month road trip through the Seven-sister states of India started in Assam. After our journey through Meghalaya and Tripura we arrived in state #4. Our Mizoram road trip consists of a beautiful mix of driving and meeting local people. Here's a snapshot. The last stretch across the mountain ridge is fantastic with the sun setting on our left, the sky above …

What’s next?

Mamit, Mizoram, India (©Coen Wubbels)
We’ll be in Nepal for the next three months. If you are in Nepal as well, send us a message and let's meet!

In May/June we’ll be in the Netherlands and we look forward to embracing our family and friends again.

Karin-Marijke & Coen
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