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Hello friends,
As we are preparing for winter, we send you this newsletter. We couldn’t have found a better place work on our to-do lists than we did here, at 3Gs Camping in Armenia, run by the hospitable Sandra Commandeur. The autumn has been incredibly kind to us with the two weeks in gorgeous autumn colors which we got to see in their full glory thanks to the amazing view of the valley from this campsite.
While we sleep in the Land Cruiser, we spend our days in one of the rest areas, with a kitchen, dining table and comfy wood fire. We aren’t the only ones still on the road while temperatures are going slowly but steadily decreasing, and we’ve shared great times with kindred spirits.

In Georgia

Georgia has surprised us. Why, may you wonder, why wouldn’t we? Well, we simply knew nothing about the country but thanks to some informative websites (as I have no guidebooks yet) we found wonderful places. The country is rich in historical sites – churches, fortresses, cave cities – and offers lots of space to pitch camp pretty much anywhere.

Blog posts are in the making they will be published on the website in the coming weeks. This one will give you an idea of the unique places we encountered in Georgia.
Didgori Battle Monument, Georgia (©Coen Wubbels)
Over the past 19 years, we have seen tons of monuments commemorating battles in some way or another, but not one has been in such an original setting. Having just arrived in Georgia, we have never heard of king David the Builder or know anything about the country’s history and battles, yet we are in awe.

From Armenia to India?

Well, yes there are some countries in between but we’ll fly over them. We’ve had our share of overlanding in winter (in Japan & Siberia), and will swap the cold temps in the Caucasus for pleasant, albeit sultry, Indian temperatures.
And so we’ll fly to Guwahati, in the northeast. During our India travels in 2003 most of the northeastern states required permits which, with the exception of one, is no longer the case. The plan: to buy a Royal Enfield and tour the gorgeous, mountainous countryside.

How does that sound as an adventure?

Book Tip

Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains, by Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent was, in fact, the book that gave me the idea for this motorcycle adventure. Although she explored the one northeastern state that we can’t go because of permits, her super detailed motorbike account does give a glimpse of traveling in that part of India. I am sure I’ll be rereading it during our journey.
Find this book and many other adventure books on our overview listing on our own Amazon page:

Instagram: @paddyrides

Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 12.38.52
And to keep the motorcycle vibe going a little bit. Here is the insta of our friend Patrick, whom we met many moons ago in Mongolia. He since has moved to Tbilisi, imported 20 or so motorcycles and is running his dream adventure touring company. Now that low season is in effect he flew to Vietnam, bought a little Honda XR 150cc and is loving it.

Coffee addicts we are..

Coffee shop in China (©Coen Wubbels)
The last couple of months we have been experiencing difficulties with our Patreon system and we are currently testing alternatives. So the coming months you will probably see some little Ko-fi cups on our website. As our coffee intake has crown over the last year with the appearance of our little expresso maker, we feel the need to compensate our coffee expenses as well. So please make us happy and get us through our next fix.

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What’s next?

Explore Uzbekistan, Urungach Lake (©Coen Wubbels)
So, that’s it for today.
Let us know how you are doing, and follow us on the socials and on our website if you like to hear more about our Royal Enfield motorcycle adventure!

Karin-Marijke & Coen
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