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Hello friends,
Coen is returning to Kazachstan!

Exactly a year ago, we set foot on Dutch soil. As we were hiking the 1000-km-long long Israel Trail, Covid started spreading around the world and we cut our hike 4 days short to make sure we could fly out of the country. We flew to the Netherlands and went in quarantine for 10 days after our flight before embracing our parents. It was quickly clear that this wasn’t going to be a one-month stay, as we annually do. We expected to return to our life on the road not before late summer.
How different things turned out to be. All in all we’ve had a good Covid year. We hiked the 650-kms-long Pieterpad in the Netherlands and enjoyed two 2-week cycling trips and visiting many (overlanding) friends along the way. We’ve had a wonderful year with our families and will always appreciate this year together with many highs.
But, we are ready to hit the road again. We long for the empty steppe and the wild mountains, far away from Covid restrictions and the constant fear mongering from governments. We long for solitude, to get away from the online world and the newspapers. In our most favorite scenario, that would have been in May.

Some parts of the world are opening up, and Central Asia has our particular interest because that’s where the Land Cruiser is. The Kazach customs automatically extended the Temporary Import Document twice last year but now remains incommunicado about extending all TIDs on March 31 or not. We take no chances and Coen has to get the Land Cruiser out of the country before then.

This last week has been intense with lots of things to organize. Coen got his visa Friday, received his negative PCR testresult today and will fly on Monday!
Karin-Marijke is staying in the Netherlands due to family circumstances but is planning on following later this spring.

All this requires a last minute reorganizing of things and, unfortunately, canceling appointments. We had a planned a lecture this spring for Tembo Travel Services, which prepares overland vehicles.

Returning to Kazakhstan does mean we can finally fulfill another project: enriching the Land Cruiser with new shock absorbers, leaf springs, the works. ARB Europe supplied us with the full package which has been waiting for us at the ARB workshop in Almaty since last year.

The Book

Since our last Newsletter, we finished our first book and the publication has been a succes. We are super proud of the result, 386 pages of great travel stories and beautiful color photos. The book is in Dutch, called Van het pad af, and it is getting great reviews.

Want to see more of the book, see photos, read the first chapter, or order it?
We are working on a book in English as we speak!

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