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Hello friends,
Time to close our laptops for a couple of weeks and hit the trail. We have 550 kms ahead of us, the Lycian Way in southern Turkey, named after the ancient civilization that once ruled this part of the world.
The region is full of archeological sites, and like the Carian Trail in southwest Turkey, which we hiked 3 years, we look forward to a hike that perfectly combines nature, wild camping, good food, historical sites and meeting local people.

With some luck we have good weather – we’re in the middle of the rainy season. Not the best planning but then, during these weird covid times you can’t be too picky as to where you can travel when. We are grateful and focus on what IS possible rather than what isn’t.

Central Asia

Since our return to Central Asia last spring we divided our time over Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, as all other land borders were closed. We explored some beautiful mountainous areas in both countries, did a fair share of gorgeous wild camping, enjoyed a hike, and spent lots of time behind our laptops to write book #2.

Also this book is in Dutch. As to why not a book in English yet, it has its reasons which we’ll explain in time. Suffice to say that covid destroyed our plans, which included publication of our book in English in a way that we saw fit. When the time is there, the world back to normal, we will pick up the plan where we left it some 2 years ago…
Also this crowdfunding was successful, the book will be available in March. For those interested in a copy, you can order it on our website.

Overland Guidebooks

For the overlanders heading to Kyrgyzstan, Ladakh and Georgia (Caucasus) we have good news. Oun Travela has been courageous to continue working on book #2 and #3, despite covid, in the confidence life WILL return to normal!
The result, a gorgeous series of 3 books written for overlanders. GPS Waypoints, a selection of awesome trails in that country/region, aerial maps showing the tracks, photos and suggestions for outdoor adventure and how to support local communities. We saw some amazing parts of Kyrgyzstan last summer thanks to this book.

Nepal Adventure

Christophe and Deana Noel have been organizing amazing adventure trips to Nepal combining these trips with bringing drinking water to remote parts of the country.

As so many adventures and enterprises, covid brought a halt to all this, but their entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm haven’t faded. On the contrary. They just launched, a place where they combine all kinds of good stuff: travel, doing good, sharing stories – all about Nepal, a country that has captured their hearts.
Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 20.20.44
Nepal definitely is on our list to visit. Maybe on yours, too. Check out their website and amazing opportunities to join them on an adventure!

Eastern Europe Adventure

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 20.25.40
If not Nepal, then maybe Eastern Europe appeals to you? Suzanne and Tomek have been organizing some amazing overland trips to various parts of Eastern Europe. Suzanne regularly shares their stories on Facebook, in a magazine in the Netherlands and elsewhere and her enthusiasm is truly contagious.

We hope to one day join them somewhere out there.
Sidenote: No, we don’t get paid by promoting anybody’s book, website, organization or otherwise. We just feel the compassion these people have for overland travel and we want to share the good vibes!


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Thank You!

As a result of covid, our travel vibes have been as low as never before, and this has shown in the few number of newsletters and updates on Patreon, and even a very limited number of articles written for magazines.

We promise to do better next year to our followers and editors! With the hike intense feelings of enthusiasm of getting out there and explore are returning to the deepest of our cores.

Thank you all for following us through social media, these newsletters, Patreon and old-fashioned emails. We appreciate it all. A special thanks to the companies that have been supporting us:

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We are sending you all our love and strength in these crazy times where nothing seems (or is) certain anymore. We hope you’ll be able to spend the holidays in the company of your loved ones and we wish you a beautiful, inspiring and hopeful 2022.

Karin-Marijke & Coen
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