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Hello friends,
Is Covid-19 holding you in a second lockdown, too? In the Netherlands the streets are empty. The shops – all mandatorily closed except shops selling food – are displaying their beautiful Christmas decorations to, well, I guess, the sky. It’s a sorry sight.

The Land Cruiser

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 20.43.51
A few days ago, someone tagged us on Instagram in a post. It looked like someone was building a duplicate of our Land Cruiser. After closer inspections, we realized that this car is actually a Radio Controlled miniature of our own vehicle.

Over the days, Seungjik Baek posted several short movies and images of his extremely detailed work. He has been paying good attention to our images. It's amazing how he built the interior complete with drawstrings in the drawer system. Even the photos that we have inside our car are in the right place of this miniature Land Cruiser.
As for our own Land Cruiser, it is as lonely as ever in Kazakhstan. With the landborders still being closed, there is no hope we will soon be reunited. The customs union automatically extended the Temporary Import Document (TID - sort of passport for the car) to March 31 to all vehicles that are in a situation as ours. That was a great relief.

Nobody can predict anything these days, so we’ll wait and see what the situation is in March…
Keeping fingers crossed.

Meanwhile our friend Eduard is keeping an eye on our house on wheels! Today we got a clip showing our Land Cruiser covered in snow. Thanks Eduard, for your kindness!

The Book

Thankfully we had the brilliant idea to use our Covid-19 time to write a book. Things are moving incredibly fast.

Before the English-speaking word gets their hopes up: the book is in Dutch. (If Covid-19 continues to keep us locked down, an English version may soon follow :-))

We started a crowdfunding a week ago. Of course we were bloody nervous. Getting €6000 to finance the printing of the book is a big deal.

To our big surprise we reached our goal within 4 days. In our first week we sold 200 books. How’s that for a start? We are incredibly proud of the result.

Thank you everybody for chiming in and ordering the book.


For the Dutch readers:

VAN HET PAD AF, een boek over alles achterlaten en de wijde wereld in met een verroeste Land Cruiser.

375 pagina’s met verhalen en 32 pagina’s met foto’s nemen je mee op onze reis naar Zuidoost-Azië in een verroeste Land Cruiser. Een rit van 75.000 kilometer door 15 landen in 3,5 jaar. Een verhaal over grensverleggende avonturen en bijzondere ontmoetingen.


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The Holidays

Covid-19 regulations are different all over the world. Here, in the Netherlands we are allowed to receive only three people, including for Christmas. One way or another, it will be a Christmas to remember.

I hope you will create something special to make Christmas a beautiful memory rather than a sad one. But there is no doubt, Christmas will be lonelier for more people than ever before.

We reach out to you, sending good vibes and lots of love.
Thank you all for being part of our journey this year, which was mostly a Covid-19 journey in the Netherland. We enjoy your messages through email and social media. Keep them coming. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Just hit the reply button. :-)

Thank you, corporate contributors. It’s been a weird, quiet year. Let’s hope for a sparkling 2021 with lots of adventures – the least we can do is dream!
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What's Next?

We are busy editing and finalizing the book. The crowdfunding will continue until January 14. The books will then get printed and be delivered in February.

That’s enough to keep us busy for now. By then we should have a better idea of what Covid-19 will bring for 2021…

All the best, do enjoy the holiday season! Lots of love, good vibes, happiness and travel dreams!
Karin-Marijke & Coen
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