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Some 2,500 kilometers of driving after our last newsletter – when we were about to start the Pamir Highway – we have completed it and are about to leave Tajikistan. To say that driving the Pamir Highway and its surrounding valleys was an adventure and a challenge is an understatement.

A broken steering left us camped in a river bed in the heart of the Bartang Valley for 48 hours. We were 25 kilometers from the first village and without cellphone reach. Not succeeding in solving the problem, we ratcheted the steering in place and limped to the village where, to our great luck, lives a welder who fixed it so well that the temporary weld and bolt held 2,000 kilometers until, right in front of the hotel where the spare parts were waiting for us, the bolt snapped.

Guardian angels have been on our shoulders for all those 16+ years on the road, and this trip proved that once more.

Fellow Longtime Overlanders

Speaking about so many years on the road. We aren’t the only ones, and I’d like to introduce to you two couples who have shared the road for at least more than 10 years as well.

Like us, they combine their continuous road trip with writing and photography. As such, both provide great travel resources. Not just for those who want to travel overland but also for those who like to go on a regular holiday trip and see the best a region has to offer.

Meet the Trans-Americas

Karen and Eric have been on the road since 2006, slowly driving from North to South America. In fact, they may be the ones who end up traveling in South America for more years than we did! (which was 9 years).

They combine their travels with working as freelance journalists. They write for major publications and additionally run an informative website. In fact, I’d say that today Trans-Americas may be the most comprehensive travel resource on Latin America.

Meet Dare2Go

We met Yasha and Juergen in Argentina 12 years ago, who were then driving south from North America. After 3 years of traveling they took a break but returned to South America in 2014. They have been on the road ever since and are currently in Europe.

They are travel bloggers and have extensively shared places they visited in South America and Europe. Like us, they love driving off-the-beaten-path roads and go where few others travel. As such their website shares information on many sites that are not mentioned in guidebooks.

For your next trip to Europe, check out their website which they continuously update with new, inspiring blog posts.
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A Unique, Inspiring Adventure

- Cycling to Central Asia, Blind

Among the most inspiring travelers we have met is the I to Eye project, from Italy. David is blind and decided to cycle to Central Asia on a tandem to “bring a message of integration and enrichment” (translated from their website).
For the first part of the 8-month trip he was accompanied by Michele, and the second half by Samuele, both being the sighted cyclist to lead the way.

The tandem, they explain, serves as a great means to stimulate integration among blind and sighted people (each too often still living in separate worlds). As they cycled to Asia, their tandem attracted attention from everywhere. They talked to people who learned about blindness and David connected with sighted people.

To achieve this, you don’t need to tandem cycle across the world, of course. A tandem can serve as such in your hometown too. At the end of our trip, here in Dushanbe (Tajikistan), they gave the tandem to a local blind man who can use it to encourage that same interaction with sighters living here, in Dushanbe (or wherever he goes).

Not even on his way home yet, David is already thinking about his next tandem adventure. What destination will that be? Stay tuned for future I to Eye projects.

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What’s Next

Our visas run out today. So goodbye it is to Tajikistan – we will be back because there is so much more to explore in this fabulous, kind country.

Hello Uzbekistan, we look forward to getting to know you. Even more so in the special company of Sylle and Barbara-Ellen, Karin-Marijke’s mother and sister.

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