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Hello friends,

The Land Cruiser is back on the road! It took a full two months of work. Our home on wheels had structural issues of body fatigue and the mechanic Nicolai constructed a roll-bar to prevent the bodywork from sagging.

Additionally, Coen and he relocated the heavy household batteries, which now sit directly on the chassis rather than hanging from the already weak bodywork. Doing that, their eyes caught a few more cracks in the chassis, which were welded.

Things to do in Bishkek: Land Cruiser Repairs

The Last Bit of Kyrgyzstan (for now)

We got a beautiful introductory ride in the company of Karin-Marijke’s niece Jaimy who joined us for a short two weeks. A gorgeous drive around Issuk Kul Lake, across the Tosor Pass and wild camping along Song Kul Lake convinced us that the Land Cruiser was ready for the wilderness in Tajikistan.

Right now we’re waiting for a permit to come through for the Pamir Highway (that’s a big ‘Yeah’ or ‘I want to go there too’ sigh from other overlanders. Those who have no clue what the Pamir Highway is, or means to overlanders, wait till you see the pictures!).
unpaved road, yellow Land Cruiser
As we’re waiting – they don’t speak Spanish here, but ‘mañana mañana' is just as real here – let’s do some newsletter talk.

The New Silk Roads

The Present and the Future of the World

For many years, one of the ‘must-reads’ for travelers to Central Asia has been The Silk Roads; A New History of the World, by Peter Frankopan. This book provides a great introduction into the history and culture of the Silk Road.

By chance I learned about the publication of the follow-up on this book: The New Silk Roads; the Present and the Future of the World, which deals with the current happenings in the same Silk Roads regions and their position in the great shift of world politics.

First Overland

Thanks to Chris, a fellow overlander, I learned about the ’The Last Overland’ adventure and the book First Overland. The two are connected. We’ll talk more about this in an upcoming interview with him on the website, but in a nutshell:
Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 14.54.18
Fun fact: In the search for sponsors for the First Overland trip in the 1950s, the young men asked the BBC for support. A young fellow on the team called David Attenborough thought they had a cool story, gave them 200 pounds or so to buy some camera equipment. That same, meanwhile famous, Sir David Attenborough has written the introduction of the newly published:

First Overland; London-Singapore by Land Rover.


Sharing the Overlanding Vibes

The above-mentioned Chris is meanwhile on the road with his girlfriend Charlie. They are a super fun, inspiring couple with many great stories to tell (including the British humor for good measure). Follow them on:
Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 15.07.50


Polar Steps apparently is the new platform to easily share routes, stories and photos. It's almost running on autopilot. But it's also a new refreshing way to explore, just type in a region or country and take you pick. So if you’re looking for inspiration, I think this is the platform to go to today.

Among them are stories of people we’ve met this summer:
Els & Merijn - 6 months Central Asia on their motorcycles
Karlijn & Maarten - In a Land Cruiser through Central Asia
Mijke & Dennis - 6 months in a Nissan Patrol through North/Central Asia

Do you blog, vlog or podcast about overlanding? Tell us and we may share it here or on our Social Media. Just hit the reply button.

Shopping on Amazon, or Not

Amazon is forever changing and growing. There are many reasons to critique the company and yes, do buy locally whenever possible.

However, fact is that with some 3 billion products listed, Amazon is a convenience platform to buy your stuff and, depending on where you live, sometimes the only place to buy what you want/need.
To centralize all the overland/hiking gear & equipment and other stuff that we use or is on our wish list, we have compiled this overview. Check it out for tips on what you might want to bring on your trip too. Mind you, this list is a work in process and will continuously be updated.
You may have seen the small, narrow banner above our website stories with three icons on it. The icon on the right will also bring you to this page with recommended stuff.

Whenever you buy something on Amazon through this affiliated link, we will receive a tiny commission, which helps to keep our website (and journey) going. Thanks for using it.

Overland Gear & Equipment Tip

For years the jerrycans on the Land Cruiser roof no longer served a purpose as we have a spare diesel tank underneath the carriage. The latter, however, was installed in an improvised manner, meaning – among other things – that it leaks when full and we are driving up gradients of 10% or more.

Still, we want to carry extra diesel with us on the Pamir Highway where gas stations are not omnipresent and fuel quality is inferior. As we first have to drive from Osh to the Tadjik border, gaining some 3,200 meters in altitude, filling the spare tank is useless at this point.

Come in the jerrycans. The previous time we used them was in Russia, when the Land Cruiser had stalled in -40 degree temperatures. We were glad to never have discarded of those rusty jerry cans and Coen walked 2 kilometers to a gas station to fill them up. He returned smeared in diesel because both turned out to be leaking (we had bought them second hand, 16 years ago, so they were entitled to retirement).

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 16.08.18

Keep the Jerrycans or Not?

We deliberated buying new ones. How often do you use jerry cans? But they are light, take no space on the roof, and so we recently replaced them with new ones. Sturdy as they are, they will last many years, for sure.

They have been filled up for the upcoming trip to the Pamir Highway!

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What’s Next

As mentioned earlier, we’re on our way to the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan. We expect to be off the grid for a couple of weeks. Until October!

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