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Hello friends,

It’s been quiet in our world of real-life traveling. In our online world, on the other hand, we have been extremely busy.

With a website that was given more hiccups and breakdowns than fun, we decided to use our time in South Korea – with great WiFi – to throw it in the bin and build a new one.

The end is near. We’re working on the last bits and pieces and this week the website will be all for you to see and enjoy again.

BUT, first we have another project we’d like to share with you.

With every story idea we have, we have to decide: Will we write it for a magazine and get paid for it, or for the website for free.

The publishing world has been a tough one this year with magazines folding, editors switching quicker than ever and impossible to keep up with, and don’t get me started on invoices that are not being paid… But since the Landcruiser is thirsty and we need to eat too, so we continue plugging away.

However, we’d rather spend our time and energy otherwise and so we have a new plan: to focus more on our own website. After all, landcruisingadventure 3.0 will be new, super fast, and fun again :-)

What's the deal?

We have two options:
1. Fill it with ads and sponsored links.
2. Ask readers to join our adventure.

Your choice!


We present to you:


How does it work?

For the price of a liter of fuel a month (less when you’re a European)
you can become our private sponsor.
Pledge and we will unlock
special content for you!

We hope to see you there!


Adventurous Greetings
Karin-Marijke & Coen

Every Mile
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