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October, 5: We had our first snowflakes, which quickly turned into wet snow and rain. We were in Mirny, where a massive hole in the ground once was one of the world’s largest diamond mines. Now depleted of its precious metals, architects have plans to build a city inside and covering it with a big glass dome.

October, 8: We woke up and the world was covered in white. Today we reached our goal, Yakutsk.
October, 18: The ferry across the Lena River will start needing an icebreaker and ferry fees will go up accordingly. We will leave Yakutsk before then.

October, 20: The river we'd need to be cross to drive to Magadan will be too frozen for the ferry but not strong enough to drive on. Now what?

Fellow Overlanders

Forest walk (©Coen Wubbels)
We had the privilege to spend a couple of wonderful days with Iris, Roland and their two young daughters, Lune and Ize. The Dutch family is on its way to Japan. Follow them here:
In Mongolia we also met Ryan and Lotte. Full of life, humor, and energy they are on a big motorcycle trip to Asia and back. They share parts of their journey in great detail on their blog. Follow them here:

Adventurers in Books

For the cyclists: A while back I shared Anna McNuff’s inspiring book Pants of Perspective, about her 2000-mile run through New Zealand. Her latest book is about her first big journey, cycling the US – her humor starting with the title.
50 Shades of the USA is an easy, fun read and an inspiration to get on that bicycle and meet the beautiful people of the US (we need to hear stories about good people in the US now more than ever!)
For the hikers among us, here’s an adventure for you: in Walking Home from Mongolia, Rob Lilwall chronicles his hike from the Gobi Desert to Hong Kong. You need perseverance and discipline to do that!
For the sailors: One of my favorites ever is Love with a Chance of Drowning, by Torre deRoche. She chooses love over her terrifying fear for the sea and its inhabitants when she meets the love of her life, an Argentinean who has planned to sail across the Pacific to her home country, Australia. Lots of humor.
I can go on about Adventure Books. I dedicated a section of our bookshop to the topic, so if you’re in for an adventure, looking for inspiration, or just want a good read, check it out.

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Winter in North Asia

In Japan, two years ago, we were set on driving to Hokkaido, just to have a spectacular winter in deep snow. We succeeded and loved it, however, we vowed NOT to go to Siberia in winter.
And here we are, in one of the coldest cities in the world, Yakutsk, smack in the middle of Siberia at the onset of winter.

Will we ever learn to properly plan a route?
We have another two months on our Russia visa. How and where that time will be spent, who knows. First, we’ll complete our loop and return to Irkutsk – basically because there is no other way to go.

Our lack of planning keeps life on the road interesting, that’s for sure. Over the past couple of weeks, it took us across an extraordinary route. We covered tough road conditions in bad weather to get to Ust Kut where we boarded a cargo boat and sailed downstream to Lensk in the company of some twenty trucks.

That boat ride will certainly be on the list of highlights in Russia. The first stretch was in extraordinary autumn colors so Coen took out the drone.

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