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Hello friends,

Greetings from Turkey. In top condition after an 850-km-long hike we are sitting behind the laptops to get connected with the digital world again.

850 Kilometers, 5 sections, and 47 days of walking, averaging 18,5 kilometers a day. It’s been a blast. Unfit as we were when starting out, our feet were killing us on the uneven trail often with jagged rocks always pointing upwards. But bodies generally adjust quickly and after 10 days or so we got into a pleasant rhythm of putting one foot in front of the other.
hiking in Turkey; Coen and Karin-Marijke at the finish

Southwestern Turkey is Turkey as you see in holiday brochures – a wilderness of mountains blanketed with pines, views of turquoise and aquamarine bays with secluded beaches.

The Carian Trail

A large part of the Carian Trail traverses such landscapes but also winds up into the interior of the Latmos Mountains, which is home to traditional villages. Here people invited us into their homes to eat local almonds, honey, olives, and drink lots of tea.

On our Notes on Slow Travel blog we share a number of posts about this hike, for example about:
- Our favorite section, the Carian Hinterland
- Turkish famous hospitality
- The gear we carried

Who Else is Walking

As we are still in the long-distance-hike vibes, let’s talk about a little bit more about that. Worldwide, long-distance hiking is growing in popularity and there are some amazing people out there. Compared to them, we’ve merely done a walk around the block.

Here are two solo badass female hikers to follow. Both have inspiring blogs and books. Meet Ursula Martin and Melanie Radzicki McManus.

One Woman Walks

She kayaked down the Danube but had to stop adventuring to battle ovarian cancer. Home in Wales she decided to walk to the hospital, and then she walked a bit more. And some more, until she had walked all of Wales while battling and recovering from cancer. She returned to Eastern Europe and is currently walking from Ukraine to Britain

The Thousand-Miler

The name says it all, a thousand miler is somebody who has hiked thousands of miles. Melanie certainly has done that – in fact, she sometimes ups it by running. As such she ran the Ice Age Trail in 2015. She is currently on the Arizona Trail, which is part of her goal to hike all 11 National Scenic Trails in the US (totaling 18,000 miles).

In the World of Overlanding

Interview on GrizzlyNBear

Remember we told you about GrizzlyNBear in our last newsletter, with fellow overlanders Stephanie and Leigh taking us for a day of rock climbing and skiing? Well, they filmed some of our exploits and conversations and put it together in a super cool video. It turned out very well, we think, but decide for yourself.

Overland Reunion

We look forward to swapping stories with kindred spirits on our Overland Reunion. May 24-26 we’ll be in De Lutte, in the Netherlands. Past, present, and future overlanders, we hope to see you there. Do you want to join us? Find all the information here.

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From the Shop

We often share the T-shirts Coen has designed. But do you know we have more? Check out the range of Landcruising Adventure products, among which stickers, notebooks, and tote bags.

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What’s Next

The Land Cruiser will have to wait a little bit longer before we are reunited again. And believe me, by the time we are, she will get our full-time attention as Overhaul #4 is on the agenda…

Until then we will be in the Netherlands, enjoying time with family and friends.

Karin-Marijke & Coen
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Thank you all.

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