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Between being stuck in -35C in Siberia and staying in a guesthouse in Antalya (Turkey) lots of things have happened. We got the Land Cruiser started, for one. Check out the video to see how that happened.
Starting the Land Cruiser at -35C

Full of confidence we’d make it from Novosibirsk (Siberia) to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) we set off only to find ourselves with two blown-out tires. The studless tires bought for the winter in Japan got badly damaged on the Mongolian plains but we had hoped they would last another winter.

That was not the case and we were considering our options in Kazakhstan when Santa Claus emailed us telling us to buy new ones and send him the bill. Which we did in Almaty on December 25. Thank you so much for this generous gift, Ben Steiner.

From One Adventure to the Next


We spent a couple of weeks in Bishkek, which felt like the end of a yet another fantastic phase of our almost 16-year overland journey. For about ten months we explored Siberia, Mongolia, and got a taste for Central Asia. To make Bishkek particularly memorable we joined GrizzlyNBear, fellow overlanders Stephanie and Leigh, for a day rock climbing and skiing.

Stephanie and Leigh detail their journey through film. Check out their amazing vlogs.
Time to pack our bags, get to the airport, find out that our flight is cancelled, waste a day and fly to Istanbul!

Overland Reunion

May 24-26: Our annual Overland Reunion in the Netherlands. For past, present and future overlanders, join us for a fun weekend in the woods. No idea what we’re talking about? Check out this link for all the info + the form to sign up for the event (which is free, except for the camping fee).

Sign Up Overland Reunion [©photocoen]


Coen’s been at it again: a new T-shirt design. How he gets from an idea to a design? Learn about it here, in the blog post that includes a video that runs you through the steps.

Men’s Premium T-Shirt

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What’s Next

Tomorrow we’ll take the bus to the southwestern side of Turkey and start our third long-distance hike: The 800-km Carian Trail. This means we’ll be largely off the grid but check our Facebook page to get dispatches of our adventure.

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