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It’s summer and vacation time in many parts of the world. How many of you are traveling right now, camping along cold rivers and deep lakes, hiking in the mountains, or lazing on the beach? We are wishing you beautiful weather and lots of time to relax and reenergize.

Mongolian Summer

Summer in Munkh Khukh Tengriin Oron, or the ‘Land of Eternal Blue Sky’ is less hot than expected. Being on altitude, the sun can be fierce during the day but the temperatures are pleasantly cool at night. It’s from here, this landlocked country in North Asia, that we are sending you this newsletter.
Gobi Desert [©photocoen]
Our first day in Mongolia ended at a festival in a remote monastery. We traveled in the Gobi Desert for weeks where we had the company of thousands of sheep, goats, and camels but only a handful of people. Scattered across the landscapes we came across stone-and-bronze-age petroglyphs, temples, and ruins of temples that were destroyed during Stalin’s purge in the 1930s. In between, the capital of Ulaanbaatar has been our base with dozens of other overlanders.

Our trip in this country has been exhilarating, exhausting, challenging, fun and tough.

The drone has proven once more to be an excellent piece of technology to capture vast landscapes, such as the Gobi Desert. To help us to continue sharing this kind of content with you, please join us on Patreon.

Overlander Struggles

Only a handful of roads are asphalted and for overlanders that is exactly the charm of Mongolia (well, at least part of the charm). However, any vehicle takes a severe beating here, including the Land Cruiser. Engine mounts broke, on corrugated road surfaces bolts flew through the rattling car, and one of the starter batteries died. On top of that Coen tried to feed his laptop a cup of hot tea. The MacBook responded in protesting, sizzling noises but was kind enough to survive (imagine having lost 6 weeks of photos...).
As we speak we are in Ulaanbaatar, recuperating at the Oasis Guesthouse, which is a meeting place for overlanders and a good place from where to explore Mongolia. Sharing stories and talking about our challenges and joys in overlanding with kindred spirits has been invigorating.

Books & Designs

In between our trips and car maintenance, we've had ample time to read. We are captured by Jack Weatherford’s in-depth research about Genghis Khan. For his work, the Mongolian President awarded him Mongolia’s highest honor for military or civilian service in 2007.

Whether in their policy of religious tolerance, devising a universal alphabet, maintaining relay stations, playing games, or printing almanacs, money, or astronomy charts, the rulers of the Mongol Empire displayed a persistent universalism” ~Jack Weatherford
In the western world we mostly learn that Genghis Khan was a brutal murderer and conqueror – and there is no denying in that. Lesser known is how he greatly contributed to the Making of the Modern World. The Mongols gave great powers to their queens (a part of history which, unsurprisingly, many have tried to cover up), and Genghis Khan allowed freedom of religion in his empire (a form of governing that was unheard in the Christian/Islamic world of the 13th century).
Meanwhile, on the design front: This summer’s success is the Exploromobile T-shirt and this year’s most popular sticker is Every Mile Tells a Story. What would you like to buy in our shop? Coen regularly shares designs with our patrons, and he’d love to have your input as well.
Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 14.16.49

Empowering Overlanders

As said before, meeting fellow overlanders here in Mongolia has been such a joy: A Korean couple on their honeymoon who drive in 2 months from Korea to Portugal. Reni and Marcel from Switzerland who after years of working as scuba divers have become digital nomads like us. Motorcyclists from Russia. A Belgian family traveling for a year while homeschooling 3 kids. A French couple with dog searching for a way to get to India... So many stories, so many adventures.

Fifty of such stories are now available in a book.
Sunny and Karin, who traveled from the US to Central America for two years, have decided to give women overlanders a much-needed and stronger voice. They are doing so in a number of ways but their first big project has been a coffee table book with stunning photos.

In I can. I will; Women Overlanding the World 50 women, including Karin-Marijke, have shared their stories, fears, challenges, and triumphs.
Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 14.33.19
One of the women featured in this book is Wamuyu. She and her husband Dos are the first Kenyans to tour the world on motorbikes. From their website:
We want to tell the story of our beloved country Kenya to the world. We want people to hear the story of Kenya from Kenyans. For this reason, we are going to quit our jobs, we are selling our belongings and saying goodbye to our families and friends for 3 years starting 2nd July 2018.
Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 22.51.49
For instagramaholics, or simply the ones who are searching for mind-blowing photos, Jeroen, from the Netherlands is sharing his Central Asia in pictures.

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What's Next?

We’ll park the Land Cruiser here in Ulanbataar and will take the bus to China. Where, how, and what exactly is still in the making but Beijing will be definitely on our route.


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