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Greetings from Ulan Ude. A random pick of what is happening these days:
  • A disintegrated cross member (that is a part of the chassis) in the front needs to be replaced before we hit any more washboarded trails and potholed roads. We are in a workshop as we speak.
  • Coen is replacing two household batteries, ergo working on electronics – his favorite job (NOT). One of the AGM batteries we bought 2,5 years ago gave up on us. In Ulan Ude we could only buy smaller, gel batteries. It’s not ideal but the best option we have.
  • We both got bitten by a tick but both lab results were good: the ticks are clean.

    Other than that, we are doing great!

    Driving through Russia’s Far East and Siberia has been a privilege.

People and Landscapes

For hundreds of kilometers we drove without seeing a soul, or even a village. From endless taiga and vast undulating grassy hills to Lake Baikal, Russia is pretty much void of people.
Lake Baikal, ice (©Coen Wubbels)
Containing more than twenty percent of the world’s fresh surface water, Lake Baikal is humongous and the other side of the lake often is invisible, even on clear days. It’s hard to believe we’re not on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This eastern part of Russia is vast, empty and safe, and rough camping has been a joy.

On our 3500-kilometer drive from Vladivostok to Ulan Ude we visited the towns along the way (there are only a handful). Once more we met the kindest and most hospitable people. Staying with them was not only great fun but taught us much about Russia. Having grown up in the Netherlands during the Cold War and Europe’s politics and our media generally having been anti Russia (during the Cold War as well as today), it was fascinating to hear the other side of those stories.

On that note, let me throw in the powerful TED talk of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi about The Danger of a Single Story. An important reminder to how one-sided our information often is.

Getting Stuck

And yes, we did get stuck again. A very different situation than we talked about in the previous newsletter, but just as stupid. It’s also another reason to be in the workshop here, in Ulan Ude. Check out the trailer below and watch Coen’s movie-making skills as well as the full movie that will be launched on Patreon on June 15.

Enjoy and feel free to laugh at our expense.
YT_video image

The Creative Mind & Books

When Coen isn’t working on movies and editing lots the drone shots, he is sketching away. Take a look at his new designs for stickers and T-shirts. As usual the latter are in all kinds of colors, long and short sleeved and even includes a new Premium t-shirt that comes with a wash bag.
#OVERLAND sticker
Karin-Marijke, meanwhile, does what she loves best: reading. Combined with the above-mentioned conversations with locals, books are helping her to understand this immense and complex country. Among the ones recently finished is Russia; a Short History by Abraham Ascher, which comprises Russia’s long and turbulent history in a (relative) concise and very readable manner.
In between learning about Russia, there’s time to catch up on other adventurers. Whereas Coen and I hiked across two countries, Anna McNuff decided to RUN across one: the 3000-kilometer Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand. She names her shoes (5 pair for this trail) and she knows there will be days that she doesn’t feel like getting up at all, let alone running, so she brought her pants of perspective, which made her smile and want to run. How does looking at a unicorn not do that? Enjoy her book The Pants of Perspective.

Fellow Adventurers

Talking about adventurers, traveling seems to be increasingly about experiences rather than checking off bucket lists and going to places. Or maybe that’s just where my interest lies. Anyway, here are a couple of adventurers to follow:
Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 12.04.31
Kate and Anna (another than the above-mentioned Anna) are kayaking from England to the Black Sea.
Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 12.05.17
Roderick and Marleen have driven from Europe to Central Asia and have a blog full of empowering stories. From their website: “In our old army ambulance we take the roads less traveled in search of an answer to a question that occupies our minds: how do we want to live our lives? Is a simpler life, off the main track, something for us?”
Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 12.10.11
On very a different scale is Ben Lecomte’s adventure. Yesterday (June 5, World Environment Day) he started his 8,800-kilometer swim across the Pacific Ocean, which will go across the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Six months of daily swimming 50 kilometers, imagine! Apart from having a massive adventure, Ben Lecomte has set this up to raise awareness about the giant floating rubbish mass and includes a science expedition.

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